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Accredited Training Courses

  • MPA courses are accredited by the Dispute Settlement Accreditation Council of South Africa(DiSAC).
  • The mediator accreditation achieved through this course is recognized by the major mediator provider panels in South Africa, including the South African Medico-Legal Association (SAMLA).
  • MPA courses provide for South African related case studies as well as role-plays.
  • MPA courses are presented by very experienced South African trainers, and these trainers are practising mediators.
  • Participants receive coaching and assessment by experienced and trained coaches and assessors.
  • Participants get an opportunity to join the MPA panel when all qualifying requirements are met.

Mediators List your Profile with MPA 

  • Provide proof of training and participation in an accredited training course that is DiSAC accredited or if not trained, please enrol for one of the 40-hour foundational mediation training courses provided by MPA.
  • Provide proof of assessment and certification of your participation and competence as a mediator.
  • The mediation training course must be a minimum of 40-hour duration to be able to be accredited.
  • For family law mediators, both social workers and psychologists should undergo additional training sessions on Family Law for 12 hours minimum.
  • Lawyers are required to undergo additional training sessions in Mental Health care and related aspects for at least 12 hours.


Charlene Labuschagne

Charlene Labuschagne is an attorney and internationally accredited mediator (CEDR UK). Labuschagne has been practising in the courts as an Advocate in civil matters, since 2007, but has converted to an attorney in July 2021. She has embarked on a mediation practice, in addition to the litigation practice, in 2012. She has however been practicing mediation since the 1990s, in the context of taxi violence disputes, as well as industrial action at the mines in North West Province. Her mediation practice focuses on commercial, medico-legal and workplace mediation. She is currently a verified Medico-Legal mediator. Labuschagne is a founding member of Mediation Pan African.

Labuschagne holds various degrees, including M.Sc (Nuclear Medicine), B.Sc., BA (Communication Science), LLB, as well as diplomas and certificates in law, mediation and management.