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Accredited Training Courses

  • MPA courses are accredited by the Dispute Settlement Accreditation Council of South Africa(DiSAC).
  • The mediator accreditation achieved through this course is recognized by the major mediator provider panels in South Africa, including the South African Medico-Legal Association (SAMLA).
  • MPA courses provide for South African related case studies as well as role-plays.
  • MPA courses are presented by very experienced South African trainers, and these trainers are practising mediators.
  • Participants receive coaching and assessment by experienced and trained coaches and assessors.
  • Participants get an opportunity to join the MPA panel when all qualifying requirements are met.

Mediators List your Profile with MPA 

  • Provide proof of training and participation in an accredited training course that is DiSAC accredited or if not trained, please enrol for one of the 40-hour foundational mediation training courses provided by MPA.
  • Provide proof of assessment and certification of your participation and competence as a mediator.
  • The mediation training course must be a minimum of 40-hour duration to be able to be accredited.
  • For family law mediators, both social workers and psychologists should undergo additional training sessions on Family Law for 12 hours minimum.
  • Lawyers are required to undergo additional training sessions in Mental Health care and related aspects for at least 12 hours.


Charlene Labuschagne

Charlene Labuschagne is an attorney and internationally accredited mediator (CEDR UK). Labuschagne has been practising in the courts as an Advocate in civil matters, since 2007, but has converted to an attorney in July 2021. She has embarked on a mediation practice, in addition to the litigation practice, in 2012. She has however been practicing mediation since the 1990s, in the context of taxi violence disputes, as well as industrial action at the mines in North West Province. Her mediation practice focuses on commercial, medico-legal and workplace mediation. She is currently a verified Medico-Legal mediator. Labuschagne is an EXCO member of the Heidelberg/Nigel Chamber of Commerce, a Director of the SA Medico-legal Association, the Chamber representative for Gauteng SACCI and a founding member of Mediation Pan African.

Labuschagne holds various degrees, including M.Sc (Nuclear Medicine), B.Sc., BA (Communication Science), LLB, as well as diplomas and certificates in law, mediation and management.

Yolandi Boshoff

Yolandi Boshoff is an admitted attorney, specializing in labour and employment law, in Heidelberg Gauteng. In addition to running a legal practice, Yolandi is also a co-founder and director of Labour Connect Employment Relations Specialists (Pty) Ltd, specializing in Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations and Payroll processing. Yolandi obtained her LLB degree from the University of Johannesburg and she has also attended various short courses focusing on Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations. Yolandi is also serving as President of the Heidelberg/Nigel Chamber of Business since 2020, and she has been re-elected for a second term. Yolandi is passionate about workplace law and best practices and enjoys educating others on these topics. Her motto is “ to do the right thing at the right time, for the right reasons” 

Johan Venter

Johan is an admitted Advocate of the High Court of South Africa and a member of the Gauteng Society of Advocates with extensive legal knowledge and experience in family and criminal law. Johan served in various capacities in the Department of Justice, including as magistrate and prosecutor in a career spanning 30 years. He holds Dip Iuris, LLB qualifications, obtained through UNISA. In addition, Johan holds accreditation as a Family Law, Medico-Legal and Commercial Mediator.
Johan serves in various NPO’s as a director, including SAAM, Mighty Wings, an outpatient drug rehabilitation facility, Irwin Animal Rescue Centre, and Epworth Children’s Village, attending to their portfolio Legal and Compliance. Johan is a further founding member of Mediation Pan African.

Ettian Raubenheimer

Ettian Raubenheimer Currently practising Advocate of the High Court of South Africa since 2006, focussing on commercial, corporate, contractual and human rights matters, chairing enquiries and administrative boards, mediations and arbitrations. I have extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution modes, especially in mediation and arbitration. International exposure involves the development of contractual frameworks for telecommunications and commodities operations as well as compiling peace and reconciliation frameworks for regional governments. Involvement in the restructuring of board functioning, corporate governance, director induction and creation of governance frameworks for various companies. Member of Executive Management Team of various companies and training institutions. Comprehensive training experience, involving development and implementation of internationally benchmarked curricula, lecturing at tertiary level and corporate training as a facilitator and accredited assessor and moderator. Previously practiced as an Attorney and Notary and was a commissioned senior officer in law enforcement. Appointed to the Disciplinary Committee of the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors and the Tax Board.