Mediation Pan African


1.          Click on Require a Mediator on our homepage.

2.          Fill in an on-line mediation referral form.

3.          MPA will email an automated email invite to the other disputant to attend a preliminary meeting to     
              consider mediation to resolve the dispute.

4.           The email requests the disputant to select a mediator from the MPA panel to set up a confidential pre-
               mediation meeting. In this meeting the mediator will:

                         1.    Explain the mediation process and the benefits of mediation to the disputants; 

                         2.    Should the disputants decide to proceed with mediation, the mediator will assist the                                                  disputants to conclude an agreement to mediate. The disputants will confirm the appointment
                                of a suitably qualified mediator for the particular dispute the date, time, place, costs & terms
                                relevant to the dispute.

5.            At the pre-mediation meeting, the disputants should agree on the appointment of any of the MPA

6.            Disputants are not charged for pre-mediation sessions, it is free of charge.

7.            If the opposing party fails to agree to the appointment of a suitable mediator within 7 days to convene 
               the preliminary meeting, MPA will email a reminder and confirm receipt of the invitation to mediate.

8.            Should the opposing party persist in refusing to select a mediator within 5 working days after the           
                reminder, MPA will furnish the party that requested mediation with a certificate that the opposing party
                refused to attend the free pre-mediation meeting.

9.            Should the case proceed in court the certificate may become relevant in the proceedings when the
               court apportions liability for the costs of litigation.

10.          MPA will send an automated email to the mediator who convened the pre-mediation meeting,
                requesting that the mediator complete an online report.

11.          MPA will send an automated email to the mediator who was chosen by the disputants to mediate their                 dispute at the pre-mediation meeting, thereby requesting that the mediator complete a final online
               progress report